Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines Date

I'm fully aware that Valentines day is tomorrow but Gareth and I decided to celebrate it yesterday as we were both off work and it meant we could spend the whole day together, also as he was taking me out for a meal I tend to think the atmosphere is always better in restaurants during the weekend than it would be on a Tuesday night!

I was completely bowled over when he gave me my gift, mainly because i feel valentines is just an excuse to spend money, we normally just give each other a card and maybe a small gift e.g. last year he bought me a dozen roses and i wrote him a love letter and baked him some valentines cupcakes. Anyway i was expecting the same kind of thing this year so when he produced a box i was bewildered. Turns out he had went and bought me a Nintendo D.S ! O.K so i get that it might seem like a stupid valentines present to some people, but a few months ago i found my game boy colour from when i was younger and i have been playing it non-stop, so Gareth's present was perfect for me and it shows he really does pay attention after all.

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