Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Catching Fire & Mockingjay

I love the Hunger Games!! <3
The first book i devoured in practically 3 sittings, i just couldn't put it down. The next two books i ordered off the internet because i knew i wouldn't be in the town to pick them up; however this did mean that I had to wait for them to be delivered. I ordered them last Friday and they arrived while i was at college on Wednesday so arriving home to that particular parcel deffinatly made my day!
I started reading the second book (catching fire) as soon as i opened the parcel and I by two o'clock on Friday i was finished both books, this is not an exaggeration, these books are so addictive!

Catching Fire
So Katniss and Peeta managed to survive the hunger games but President Snow is angry about how Katniss rebelled against the rules of the games to achieve this. There is talk everywhere that a rebellion against the Capitol has begun and President Snow makes it clear to Katniss that he believes this is largely her fault and she is being idolized for it.

When the hunger games where formed it was decided that every 25 years the anniversary would be marked by a Quarter Quell (an extreme version of the games.) This year is the 75th anniversary and it is announced that the tributes will be chosen out of those who have won the games in the past meaning Katniss and either Peeta or Haymitch will have to compete. Katniss knows that this was designed to make an example of her and she is not planning on surviving.

Katniss survives the hunger games again but she discovers that many secrets have been kept from her and now when the land is in the middle of a revolution she is expected to take her place with people who she feels she may not be able to trust. 

I have tried hard not to give too much away about these books encase i spoil it for anyone who hasn't read them yet but its quite hard to explain the book after you know the big story lines in them. The second book was just as good as the first and it really lived up to my high expectations. The third was amazing but in a different way, I actually cried throughout the third book and that's not something that happens easily. Suzanne Collins did an amazing job connecting the reader to the characters and because the books follow on from each other you almost feel apart of it.

Sorry if this was a bit too long, i tried to limit what i said about each book as much as possible whilst still doing them justice. I honestly haven't read such a good book in a long time and then to find three is amazing, I would recommend this book to anyone and i dare you not to fall in love with it ... 

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