Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Tattoo

O.K I'm just going to start this post by saying that I don't think anyone should get a tattoo without first thinking long and hard about; 1. what they are going to get, 2. where they are going to get it and 3. who they are going to have do it for them.  I know so many people who regret getting their tattoos because they think it's a silly tattoo, it's in a really bad place or there are mistakes in it.

At the end of the day a tattoo is permanent and yes there are ways of fading it but realistically you will be left out of pocket and probably have scars!

My tattoo is of a koi fish, there are two reasons I decided to get this tattoo; 1. It reminds me of someone who I have lost  and 2. It has a very powerful meaning which i can strongly relate to. I waited a year before getting my tattoo because I wanted to be sure about it, I've had it for a year and I don't have any regrets, I think it is a beautiful work of art and i must give credit to the artist who did it for me; Sailor Bill II. He is a freehand artist which means he doesn't use any stencils. He gave me lots of advice when choosing my tattoo, and whilst he was actually tattooing me he talked me through all the after care i needed to know to keep my mind off the pain (Tattoos do hurt! anyone who says otherwise is lying).

Some history about the meaning of the koi...
The koi is said to climb waterfalls with bravery with the goal of being transformed into a dragon, but if caught  it would lie on the cutting board accepting its fate whilst showing no fear. Chinese legend tells us that any koi who managed to succeed in climbing the falls at a place called Dragon Gate on the yellow river would be transformed into a dragon. From this legend the koi has become a symbol of aspiration, courage and the strength taken to overcome life's difficulties to reach our goals.

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